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Grand Canyon Tips

t12You can tour the Grand Canyon any time of the year, but now the weather is ideal for sightseeing, so you should start planning your helicopter or airplane tour soon. You’ll have lots of choices and options when you book your tour, and these 5 tips will help you plan a great time.

Buy Your Tour Online For The Best Price

The best way to buy your tour of the Canyon is to do it online. When you book your tour yourself online, you’ll cut out commissions from travel agents and sales persons, so the price will be lower. Since you can save up to 35 percent off the retail price of your tour, it pays to avoid buying through a travel agent. Buying your tour online is quick and easy, and your seats will be instantly locked in for the day of your tour.

Secure Your Seats With A Credit Card

Booking online means you pay for the tour at the time with your credit card. Buying with your credit card is how you get the low Internet price, and even better, your seats will be secured so you won’t have to be worried about a sold out tour. Also, the tour price is all-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for fees or taxes when you arrive for your tour. You should try to book your tour about two weeks in advance if you can so you get the best price and widest selection. If you wait too long to book your tour, the price will probably be higher if you can even find any available seats.

Consider Booking The Airplane Tour

An airplane tour is the ideal option when you have a limited budget or when you want to go with a large group of people on the same tour. You can book an airplane tour to either the South or West Rim. The South Rim tour can be upgraded to include a 4×4 ground tour of the Canyon. You can also add on an exciting helicopter flight from the South Rim to the North Rim and back.

Add A Float Tour Of The Colorado River

The Colorado River flows through the Canyon and makes an ideal setting for a raft tour, and one of the options you have is to take a tour package from Vegas that includes a bus ride to the South Rim for a floating tour along the river. These tours stay on the smooth water section of the river, so kids and seniors can enjoy these relaxing and scenic tours as well. The raft tour includes stop offs at different beaches along the way so you can get out and stretch your legs and explore the area near the river bank.

Opt For The Deluxe Helicopter Tour

If you want to take a helicopter tour, then you should definitely consider upgrading to a deluxe tour. These tours utilize the advanced EcoStar 130 sightseeing helicopters. This helicopter has more room, is quieter, and has comfortable seating that is arranged stadium style for the best views. These helicopters also have 180 degree windshields, so there are no obstructions as you view the Canyon below. In addition, the deluxe tours provide pick up and drop off service in a limousine and a flyover of the Vegas Strip. It’s a VIP experience that is worth the extra cost!

To Wrap Up

When you plan your tour from Vegas to the West Rim or the South Rim, be sure to keep the above 5 tips in mind. If you have questions about the Canyon tours, just come to my website. I have a chat feature we can use to discuss tour options and choices, so you book the best tour that matches your budget and interests. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to buy your tour early, and do it online with your credit card, so you can lock in your seats on a scenic tour to one of America’s most loved landmarks.

For an Unforgettable Experience Choose Skydiving on Vacation

t11There are many excursions one can sign up for, and among them skydiving is a popular choice. At the risk of assuming it’s the first time for whomever is reading, rest assured that a tandem skydive will be suggested by an upstanding skydive company. If not, it may be smart to find another company.

Skydiving excursions require that one bring some essential items. First of all, wear comfortable clothing and bring a second set. While some companies provide a jumpsuit, some don’t. Jeans and a shirt that covers well work perfectly in any case. There will likely be pictures and, or video so be sure it’s something that will be acceptable and won’t show too much skin because clothes will fly everywhere.

Another important item is cash to purchase pictures or a video, or even to pay for the excursion. Some companies will give cash payment discounts and one will wish they’d known. Of course this can be verified by phone before arrival.


There are many considerations as well for skydiving excursions. Remember, there can be delays due to other planes, weather, and even other participants. Bring snacks and drinks, be prepared to spend time filling out essential paperwork. It’s best to sign up for an excursion during the week rather than the weekend unless there is no choice. This is because there are far less jumpers and time involved will be better; in any case arrive early to be first in line if on a time constraint.

What to Expect

There will likely be brief training either via an instructor or by watching a video. Since it’ll be a tandem jump there’s not much to know as the jumper won’t have much control. It’ll likely include what to do with legs and arms on exit from the plane, and during the fall and landing. It’s important to pay attention to landing instructions as each instructor does things different.

At this point of the excursion there is a wait. Waiting on the plane, good jump conditions and similar circumstances so bring some sort of entertainment to avoid boredom, or consider jumping with a group of friends to make it more memorable.

The Jump

A variety of things can happen during a jump excursion! Depending on the instructor they may engage in some aerial fun like flips and formations, but usually it’s just what is called a poised exit where the jumper’s belly is flat into the wind and they enjoy a stable fall. Around ten seconds after leaving the plane, the instructor will deploy what is called a drogue parachute. This is just for stability since there are two people on the jump, and it helps slow them down to what would be a normal speed for just one, lone jumper. At 5,000 feet or so the drogue cable will be pulled and it won’t be attached to the instructor any longer, but pull the main parachute out. This is a smooth transition so those that are worried about any jerking motion have nothing to worry about. Finally, on landing be sure to follow instruction for a landing on feet or bottom. The chances of injury are very slim, far less than the dangers of riding a bicycle through the city.

Questions for the Skydive Company

There are many things one may want to ask the company in charge before signing up for a skydiving excursion. For example, how many seats the aircraft has and what kind it is. Turbine powered aircraft are preferred and it should hold ten or more people. Also, find out if they have the most up-to-date jump equipment. This ensures that the jumpers are going to have an optimal, safe experience. Check online reviews to see how others have enjoyed their jump and any advice they may have in relation to the company being used.

How to Survive in the Woods

t10Survival is an art of maintaining life, and in this regard, you must become an expert. Of course, it is not easy for a man to survive in the woods without any certain skills and experience. If you went into the woods on purpose, for example, for a camping, you probably stocked a knife, a compass, food and warm clothes. But there are always some emergency situations, for example when you just get lost and have to survive extremely out of your original plan. How should you do in that case?

In no case should you be panic, try to calm down and to realistically assess the situation. And then, you should try to call your families and friends if your mobile phone catches the signal. Besides, you can shout for help, perhaps in the woods, there are other people so that you will be heard. If all this did not work, then follow the next.

Searching Water and Food

The basic human survival factors include water and food. If you do not have enough water and food in the backpack while you get lost in the forest, you must look for supplements.

In the forest, there are always the swamps, lakes, streams and rivers. In order to find a water source, it is necessary to use animal tracks. If you cannot find any, you need to collect the water. The easiest way is to receive rainwater. You can dig a small depression in the ground and then put a clean sheet there. Or you can collect the morning dew by the fabric, which can absorb moisture wrapped around a tree.

The forest is a very favorable environment where you can find food of plant and animal origin. The protein sources in the forest are all kinds of worms, larvae, and caterpillars. They can be extracted from old stump or stir topsoil. Of course, these foods are very unappetizing on appearance. However, survival in the forest assumes a reduction in the level of disgust. Larvae or worms there can be both raw and cooked forms. And also, there are various kinds of mushrooms in the forest.

In addition, before you go in search of water and food, you should gather up firewood, dry grass, twigs and light a fire (for cooking and heating). Ideally, this can be done with matches or lighters.

Searching Path

You can stand back to the heavenly bodies, and then your shadow will fall straight to the north. At night, you can navigate by the stars as North Star will point north. It is better not to focus on the branches and moss because that is not always helpful. After making sure the direction, you should go to be in one direction only. Otherwise, you may go in a circle.

Equipment for Survival

You’d better prepare a multi-emergency survival kit and carry it in any case when you travel in the woods. Such an emergency survival kit often includes knife blade, sewing needles, cotton, aluminum foil, back needle, compass, mountaineering buckle, paracord, flashlight, floats, etc

Explore the World of Mysticism In Sand With Desert Safari

t9You can enjoy much more than just the sand when you book a desert safari. From camel rides and sand skiing, from exotic dance to shopping in the exquisite malls, you enjoy every bit of it. You can come to know the different culture and traditions of the place and along with the enjoyment. Moreover, the affordability and the luxury offered are the most important factors that these hassle free safaris are becoming a most favorite and compulsory attraction of all tourist.

The Features

When you book a Desert Safari, you can enjoy many things apart from the car ride on the undulating sand dunes. You can enjoy a camel ride after that and have it all photographed in the traditional costume. Enjoy live shows of dance and music by professional artists sipping the hot tea or coffee. Henna painting is done by almost every tourist while enjoying the famous belly dance and Tanoura show. There are also other folk dance and puppet shows to enjoy.

The Add-ons

Along with all these, you can enjoy your drink, at an additional cost, from the bar and enjoy the dinner where you get both veg and non-veg food with barbecue with an unlimited supply of water and cold drinks. If you can afford to spend more and more of the fun, then you can go for sand boarding and quad biking at an additional cost.

Keep It Safe

All desert safaris are very enjoyable, but you must keep it safe and take a few precautions to make it easier for you.

Preference – If you book the morning safari you can enjoy more in the bright sunlight and take excellent pictures of the various activities and adventures. Remember, apart from the summer season, being in the desert in the mornings is cool and refreshing.

Four Wheel Drive – Always book a four-wheeled vehicle for your desert safari, fully equipped with all the necessary features and safety mechanisms.

Communication – Keep in touch with others through and make sure that the drivers also carry mobiles phones.

Experienced Chauffer – Check for the experience of the driver of your car so that you do not get lost in the sea of sand and at the same time enjoy all the places and features of the desert safari.

Health Care – Take care of the health, as sand bashing and driving can cause problems to pregnant women, a person with heart problems, slip discs and vertigo.

To Sum Up

If you follow the instructions and take adequate care to protect you from the sun rays, then the mystic desert safari can be an experience which you will treasure forever.